American Job Centers

Online learning platform for American Job Center's veteran job placement training.

My Role

Designed and developed the UI/UX for this online learning platform. Research driven, I designed this learning experience with a UX that was focused on managing & tracking user success. I managed one php developer to help build some of the backend functionality.

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Homepage provides a snapshot of the end users progress on each learning module with contexture button labels to provide a guided experience.
Module Landing screen displays the end users progress for the entire learning module as well as a summary of each lesson and a visual que if a lesson has been completed.
Video lessons are the primary form of education in each learning module.
Quiz lesson are secondary and are designed to augment and support the video learning experience. No elevation occurs and the end user can try until they get the correct answer.
Quiz lesson feedback designed to be highly visual and provide the necessary instructions to continue through the lesson.
Interactive Quiz lessons such as drag n’ drop interfaces were designed to help engage the end user with the learning content.
Interactive Quiz lessons such as photo based multiple choice interfaces were designed to help engage the end user with the learning content.
Front-end Technology

Design Comps where created using photoshop cc with illustrator cc to create vector icons. Html, css, jquery, php and MySQL where used to develop this application.

UX Assets
  • Wireframes
  • Design Research (video examples)
  • Design Comps
  • Html/css
  • Php scripting
  • Jquery scripting