A user-centered approach from the beginning

The Story of Craftsy's 2016 Site Redesign

Craftsy had the enviable “problem” of expanding at incredible speed and had outgrown its digital experience. The site interface had become cold in comparison to the fun-spirited and encouraging experience of their online classes. The UX relied too heavily on its email marketing engine dropping its customers directly onto a sell page optimized only for conversion. This resulted in single sided understanding of Crafty's product offerings. To some, we interviewed Craftsy was only online classes. To others, it was a place to purchase supplies on sale.

Craftsy performed low on "aboutness" when tested

We conducted interviews with quilters, knitter, and several other types of crafters to better understand the maker process. From our findings, we developed a framework we called the "Maker's Journey" which consisted of four keystone stages. Through this lens, two areas emerged as to be critical for further design discovery.

Designing for aboutness and inspiration

Focused on the "Discover" section from the "Maker's Journey", "Inspiration" and "Celebration", we set about designing a new information architecture that better supports both "aboutness" and "inspiration".

The new information architecture was built on the craft categories available on This site map created a new page in the user flow (the Category Landing page). The Category Landing page functioned as a mini-homepage for each craft category. It made it much esasier to communicate clearly and seamlessly to its customers (What is our product or service?).

Transaction Funel reports show category landing pages give transactions per session a boost

Funnel reports that include new category landing pages show an increase in transactions on average across all craft categories by 5.34%. Some craft categories such as Crochet bumped up by 8.2% transactions per session.

Google Analitics: Transaction per Session Funal - All Users (100% of sessions)
Google Analitics: Transaction per Session Funal - 7.29% of Users (only sessions that include a visit to any category landing page)

* All data from the last 7 days (October 16 - October 22)

Designing to develop brand affinity

The art direction plays an important role with a site like Craftsy. Focused on inspiration, the site must deliver on beauty and authenticity. We continue to score high on our Brand tracking survey and receive unsolicited positive feedback.

"I think Craftsy is an extraordinarily well laid out website. The pages are very visually appealing without being overwhelming. The items are marked very clearly. I like the way the categories are set up and I like the way there are sub-categories underneath the header categories. Like when I clicked on "Knit" and underneath I had a couple different selections like patterns. I thought the checkout process you had me go through was extremely easy."

—Testemony taken from a user test about the new site design.

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