Craftsy iPhone app

A wonderfully reimagined iPhone app for craft enthusiasts to shop with ease and watch their classes and print their digital patterns.

My Role

As Director of User Experience, I established the design patterns and designed key experiences; Navigation, Cart, and Checkout. I managed the day to day design work of UX team and worked directly with developers during the build process.

On the left, the signed out account screen and on the right, the sign in screen.
App global tab navigation. Home screen category menu and coresponding product sub menu.
Shopping galleries; on the left is the gallery for classes and on the right is a gallery for quilting fabric.
On the left is a search result screen. On the right is shopping gallery filters.
Listing detail screens; on the left is a detail screen for a class and on the right is a detail screen for fabric.
Shopping cart; confirmation modal when users selects to move an item to their Favorites.
Checkout screen after the user has input or previously saved a shipping addres; next step is to add a credit card.
Post purchase screens; on the left single purchase of a class and on the right the purchase on a supply or more than one class.

UX Assets
  • Wireframes
  • Interaction Specifications
  • Design Comps (Android & iOS)
  • Invision Prototypes
  • Style guide
  • Prototypes (Android & iOS)
  • Market Research
  • User Test Results
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