remotely mobile apps

iOS & Android mobile apps for residents of remotely smart apartments.

My Role

As UX/Creative director I designed all UI/UX for this product. Designed screens, prototypes and style guides. Managed a Jr. Designer as well as worked directly with mobile dev team.

Smart Device landing grid. The form factor is derived from a remote control and emphasis was placed on custom names as multiple devices can be installed into a rental unit.
Smart Device details screen. The primary UI enables controling of the device as well as the visual que of the device catetory to help orient the hardware in the physical space.
The device menu allows the end user to add a custom name, automate the device and in the case of the smart lock add a key code for the keypad.
Automation Trigger landing screen allows the end user to select what will trigger an automation (i.e. a custom set of rules that will automate smart devices).
The first step of the normal create automation flow is the trigger landing screen with restates what will trigger the automation and inform the end user they can always run the automation at anytime.
The second step in creating and automation is the "Automate" screen, which allows the end user to select what smart devices will be automated and how.
When automating the thermostat, there are 3 things that can be automated, this is done on a separate screen.
The final step is to add a custom name if the end user does not like the system create name and save the automation.
Automations are accessible from the Automations list screen, from here you can create new automations or edit or enable/disable existing automations.
At any time you can override an automation trigger and run the automation with the tap of a button. This “Run Now” experience is the feedback given to the end user when this happens.
Front-end Technology

Design comps were created using photoshop cc with illustrator cc to create vector icons. Then interactive prototypes were created using Popapp mobile prototyping tool. This app can control and automate zigbee and z-wave powered home automation hardware.

UX Assets
  • Wireframes
  • Product Requirements
  • Design Comps (Android & iOS)
  • Style guides
  • Prototypes (Android & iOS)
  • Multiple resolution graphics (Android & iOS)
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