scantime app

App for Amazon Merchants to create and use saved purchasing and selling rules.

My Role

UX design including wireframes, user flows, UI design, and prototyping. Making complex rule setting simple and intuitive.

App navigation and Main Rules Menu.
Saved Buying Advice rules and create new rule screens.
Create a new Buying rule screen empty states.
On the left is a Buying rule in progress and on the right the review and save screen for the Buying rule.
Saved Pricing rules and create new Pricing rule screens.
Initial rule screen when setting up a conditional rule based on rank percentile.
On the left is a new Dynamic Pricing rule in progress and on the right is the save and review screen.
After a merchant scans an item barcode, the app displays the item screen with all of the historical Amazon data and a Buying advice based on your active Purchase rule. The app sets your selling price based on your Selling rule. You can input your purchase cost for the item.
iOS 3d touch always the app to display a peak into the advice and P&L and provide the user with actions.
The app stores your scan history which is organized by advice and sorted by date.
If there barcode is not working the user can perform a search wich will search agains Amazon's catelgo.
App Description

This app gives Amazon merchants the ability to create and store buying and selling rules based on real-time Amazon data. Super complex rules created to simplify workflows and decision making. The merchant simply sets up rules then while in the field, making purchases, they simply scan an item with the app. And instant advice is displayed based on their active buying rule indicates whether to buy and automatically sets their Amazon selling price.

UX Design Deliverables
  • Wireframes
  • Design Comps
  • Flow Diagrams
  • Prototypes
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